Ten Makeup Tips For Women Who Are A Bit Older

There are a lot of things that women can do to help make their makeup look great when they are getting a little bit older, and these tips are all contained here to help. Each of the ten tips that you try will change your life, and you will start to look great without doing anything to your makeup that is off the wall or strange. You can age naturally and gracefully, but you will still look amazing.

1. Check Your Eyeshadow

You should check your eyeshadow, and you will find out that you need to tone down the colors a little. You can fix your eyeshadow color pretty easily, and you will be pretty happy to find out that you can get the toned down colors on your eyes that you already use. This means that you can keep your eye color, and you will still get the look that you want. Everything that you do will be much better because you have chosen these softer colors.

2. Check Your Lips

You need to use a lipstick that is going to help you feel much more confident without being too bold. This means that you need to wear a little bit darker lipstick, and you will not have somethign that is too strong on your lips. This is a big choice, and it will help you make sure that you will look your best.

3. Check Your Cheeks

You need to use the right blush so that it is not too bright. You can cause these problems for yourself when you do not look closely at the blush when you put it on. Many women use something that is far too bright.

4. Use Powder

You need to use powder to set your makeup so that you will get it to stay where it is supposed to be. You have a lot of choices when you are trying to pick out something that will work for you, and you should make sure that you have chosen the powder that will not be too bright. You also do not want to smell like powder when you are putting it on. You need just enough to set your makeup without being over the top.

5. Check Your Brows

You need to make sure that your brows are not too thin because many older women will start to go way too thin, and it will not really work because you just do not know that you are going to look a bit off until you really check. You can draw them on if you want.

6. Check Your Mascara

You need mascara that is not too strong. It needs to help you look a little bit brighter, but it should not be so strong that you are going to be too obvious about it. There are a lot of women who miss this because they do not realize that they need to tone it down.

7. Check Your Liner

You should not use liner unless you have been told that it looks great on you. In a lot of cases, it is just too much for your age.

8. Check Your Lip Liner

Lip liner is very important, and you have to be sure that you get it right because you do not want to look ridiculous. You will have a lot of problems with this if you have not actually looked in the mirror, and you need to look close because you will see that you can actually put on too much of this.

9. Check Your Nose

You must ensure that you have gone over your nose with powder and foundation in the way that you have done everything else. That is why it is very important for you to do this because it could become too obvious due to the colors that you are using when you get older. You also want to be sure that you work on the blackheads that are on your nose.

10. Check Your Foundation

You need to make sure that you change your Foundation color if you think that that is something you need to do. You could start to have major problems with your foundation if you are not changing colors because it will look like you just stopped using it when you get to your neck. The only way to fix that is to check and fade your coloring in the right way.

Everyone who is trying to get a makeup change done needs to be sure that they think about doing the things that are right for their age. They will have much more fun with their makeup, and they will create the makeup style that they like to see. You will feel much more beautiful because of these things.

Getting the Right PC or Console Racing Wheel

Some people may find that technology is a generational thing. Though, many of us use it regardless of how much we may not want to use it. There are very few minimalists in the world of today. Though with the right computer, you can have limitless options on how to live your life.

One use is the need to do work. If you go to college, you can use a laptop or PC to work on projects. Though, thankfully you will likely not need any computers that are top of the line to do work. Though, a laptop can be very useful just for the need of portability.

You can also work on various tasks depending on your job. Many internships may require you to do some data entry. That may require you to have a large hard drive so you can store more information. You have multiple applications depending on your operating system that will give you options.

Getting work done is something that can help you get away from the computer. Not everybody likes using technology for extended periods of time. If you want to give it your all when you work, you should at least have an average PC.

Why a PC is a better choice to play games than a console

Having a great PC is almost necessary play to top of the line video games. The average gamer might make the decision to get a console, but there are a bunch of benefits to get a PC. A PC will allow you to have a wider library of games that you can play.

You can get a lot of controller when it comes to playing your games. You can use an Xbox or PS3 if you use a driver program. You can also use a keyboard and mouse. Those are convenient for those point and clinking games or first-person shooters.

There are also more PC games with dedicated servers. If you play a game like Battlefield, you may get frustrated when you encounter cheaters. That means that when you buy a server, you can kick people out and make them private. These servers also allow more players for matches.

Massively multiplayer online role playing like Guild Wars 2 or Elder scrolls online were made for the PC. You’re going to get a experience that it graphically better than the consoles. They are usually better to play on PC because a keyboard and mouse is going to have more button options than a console.

Playing racing games is also a lot of fun. They really got their popularity on consoles. Franchises like Forza, Need for speed and Gran Turismo are some of the popular franchises. In fact, the original Gran Turismo was the highest selling game on the original PlayStation.

Though, over the years as the graphics in games that have improved, there has been more attention on the PC end. Some want people to bring themselves closer the experience and choose to use a wheel. There are some positives to doing this. Some racers have stated that their driving has improved after they played a racing game over a select number of months.

How a Racing will make you better at racing games

The great thing about these wheels is that they are often compatible with a PC and console. For example, if you buy a racing wheel stand for the PlayStation, often you will find it can be used on your PC. In fact, often there are USB attachments that you can use.

The racing wheel will often become a substituent for the analog stick. That will allow the driver to make more precise movement because there is a lot more range of motion. This overall creates the better driving experience.

There is a bit of a stigma when it comes to introducing someone to the world of PCs. Many of them feel and think that the process is going to be very expensive. But some of them may not believe that you can get a decent gaming computer for the price of an average console.

The retail price of the Xbox one X is $500. Though it is the most powerful console ever created, you can use that money to build a PC. This machine isn’t just a system for playing video games. You can use a PC to communicate with others edit work.

Why a PC is the best piece of technology availible

Most of the technology you use on your phone was designed on a computer. It can really be a great tool for people who just want to get their work done. Even to the people who may not like computers, it is often the most efficient way to get your work done.

These are often great resources for any career. Even if you’re serving food at a restaurant, you can log statics for your business so that you can take notes for the future. You should try putting this into your daily life if you’ve never given this a try.

Top 5 BEST iPhone Data Recovery Software You Should Know

I lost all the data on my iPhone, now how do I choose the best data recovery system?

I stood there simply speechless and incredibly close to tears! No, no one died, but my iPhone just gave up the ghost and took with it ALL my pictures, downloads, texts, videos, contacts, and everything that I had spent years carefully collecting and getting joy from. As you already now, our cell phones are not just for calling any more but actually the place where we place a lot of our lives data. I was stomped as I had not really thought this far ahead when I got my phone and so had absolutely no idea if I could get any of my precious memories back and if I could, how would I even go about doing that. Where would I even start? So to help everyone out there like myself, I took the time to research some of the tools out there to see what would be ideal for my situation.

Even in our technology driven age, accidents do happen and while some of us spend time backing up their data so they can get it back if something happens to it, some of us only start scrambling AFTER disaster strikes. So for those of us that don’t plan ahead to protect our data, we NEED a data recovery tool to help.

I spent time researching all kinds of software from the free ones to the ones that cost a lot and came up with a pretty good list of what you should consider when choosing the best iPhone data recovery software. So here are the top ones that helped me to pick the right one for me:

  • Is it safe? In this day and age where identity theft has become an everyday occurrence and millions of people find themselves losing everything they have worked hard for, making sure that the download is safe from viruses/malware is very important.
  • Is it compatibility with your iPhone model and computer? There are many models of iPhones and we do love to get the newest models and so it is important to get a tool that will cover whatever you decide to go with.
  • Can it recover your data no matter how it was lost? Not all recovery tools are created equal and not all losses are in the same way either and so it is important to get a recovery tool that will recover you data no matter how or where you lost it from.
  • Can you use it easily? I don’t know about you but if I can’t get it in a reasonable amount of time and if I can’t figure out how to do what it is supposed to do, it’s not really worth it.
  • Does the software have good technical support? If I can’t reach support to help me use the tool, I personally will rate that tool as worthless.

I am sure you are all holding your breath to find out what iPhone data recovery software made my top 5 and which ONE I thought was THE BEST. I looked at tons of reviews and identified the software that had been rated by over 10 reviewers and then I crisscrossed the results to come up with the ones that came up consistently and aggregated their rankings. Here we go:

Aiseesoft FoneLab: This recovery software covers 19 different types of files which is much higher than most of the other ones I reviewed and supports various devices including the latest iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch. One of the challenges is that it recovers more for older devices than the newer devices. This quite compatible tool can restore 10 types of media content and nine types of text content for older devices but only 8 for newer ones. A huge disadvantage is its inability to recover full access to your photos but it does recover thumbnails of photos.

SynciOS: This is a versatile system that performs both iPhone data recovery and routine data backups. SynciOS is compatible with iPhone 6 Plus and every model going back to the iPhone 3GS, and with iOS 8 and all previous iOS versions. This allows for 3 modes of recovery including recovering data backed up to iTunes. SynciOS allows recovery of files including photos, videos, music, apps, messages, contacts, Safari bookmarks, notes, and call history and provides a much larger option for backing up including eBooks, file systems, camera roll, and photo stream. Not bad for the price.

Dr. Fone: Like Aiseesoft, this recovery software allows for recovering up to 19 different file types including messages, contacts, videos, images, call logs and apps’ data, This IS actually the first data recovery software and has the 3 modes so you can recover from most loss situations also. It is a pretty comprehensive data recovery tool which was not the case when they first started out. The preview function is awesome so you can recover only what you want to.

FonePaw: This has 3 recovery modes which allows you to recover from iOS device directly, recover from iTunes backup and recover from iCloud backup. You can recover different kinds of data for various iOS devices including iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6s. You can restore some files that isn’t available with other tools including WhatsApp message and calendars. The types of files you could restore are photos, videos, audios, messages, contacts, call history, notes, and more. You can still recover important data back even if you break your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Xilisoft: One of the things I love about this data recovery software is that it provides 6 data recovery modes to make sure you recover that you lost from any situation: deleted recovery; formatted recovery; partition recovery (recover lost files from corrupted, resized or deleted partition); RAW recovery (complete data recovery); resume recovery (no need to rescan); and wizard recovery (ideal for beginners). I was also impressed that this allows you to recover from ALL media such as Computer’s hard disk, external hard drive, USB flash drives, Solid-state drive, and more, camera, camcorder, mobile phone, like Cannon, Nikon, JVC, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and more, memory card including SD card, XD card, CF card, memory stick, and so on. Now that’s power!

And the WINNER is? Dr Fone which is simply one of the most comprehensive data recovery software out there!

Find the best software that fits all your business needs, visit this site.

A List of 7 Reasons Guys Can’t Get Rid of Their Skinny Legs

Skipping leg day is something we should never do, but some guys can do their leg day routine and still not see the results they’re looking for. For all of you guys that can’t seem to make a difference on leg day, here are a few reasons why and tips.

1. Our everyday exercise routine

Consistency exercising is vital for us when exercising, but doing the exact same routine can limit us and our growth. We need to change things up more often the longer we’ve been training. While it’s important for us to change things in our exercise routine selection, it’s not all about the selection, it’s just as important to change up our rep scheme.

2. You haven’t built up strength yet

While there is a possibility of bad genes attributing to your skinny legs, it probably has more to do with your leg strength. If you can deadlift two and a half times your bodyweight and squat twice your body weight, you should have your strength built up. If you can’t so the squats and deadlift then it’s time to focus on strength, not size. If you haven’t added some muscle by then (and you will), then it’s time to diversify your strategies.

3. Lack of volume training

Going at it big and heavy has a time and a place, but it’s important for us to remember that the time and place aren’t always and everywhere. If your goal is size, break free of the thought that big and heavy is the way to go. It’s important to switch it up, you should be trying to go for high volume and low weight. Take a week to rest up, then you try for heavy with a lower volume. You should keep cycling through them, you’ll always be either building strength or volume, and you’ll be challenging your body and your nervous system.

4. You’re too Complicated

Changing up your routine is important, that’s true, but it’s important to remember to keep two things constant in your routine: the deadlifts and squats.

The most important part of any leg workout is a variation of squats and deadlifts. Doing different varieties of squats and deadlifts correctly is the best way to get bigger. New equipment is one way to get some variety in your workout, but your body will grow accustomed to it, after that happens it won’t help you anymore.

5. The wrong cardio

Making sure you get enough cardio to take the stairs without having problems is normal, but if you’re looking to gain size make sure you go about it correctly. Running marathons may not help as much as you think.

When your focus is to build size you need to make sure you focus on strength training and not on cardio. You get catabolic when you go hard on cardio and it starts to break down your muscles rather than strengthen them. If you’re wanting to get leaner while you build muscle, you should be doing catabolic conditioning with circuit style workouts with short intervals, it’ll help you burn fat while keeping your muscle.

6. You need to up your carb intake

The word carbs are usually not welcome around the gym. Anyone aiming to get as lean as possible and get rid of extra weight should avoid carbs, but if you’re looking to get strength and size, carbs are a crucial friend.

Carbs can help you recover from workouts more quickly and they help you to perform at a higher level. You’ll put on some fat and muscle, and it’s necessary in order to grow.

7. You need to put your muscles under tension longer

Focusing on your rep counts can be the wrong way to go about your workout when you’re trying to build size and strength in your calves. Twenty seconds is the normal time frame it takes for you to build tension to get strength. So it’s really a time-under-tension question.

So on leg day, you need to remember to do your squats and deadlifts, but you also need to remember to change it up with different variations. Don’t focus too hard on cardio and carbs are definitely a friend of yours.

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How to Save Energy and Money in Winter

Winter is approaching and so are high energy bills. Heating a home is not cheap by any means. There are 10 winterizing tips for an energy efficient home to help save money while keeping the home nice and warm.

1.  Use a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat can help you save a lot of money. The average household spends around 50 to 70 percent of their energy bill on heating alone. You can program the thermostat at a specific temperature and the home will adjust to your comfort level. If can even lower the temperature if you are not home or sleeping. Every single degree that you lower your thermostat can save you as much as 3 percent on your energy bill. This thermostat will allow you to be comfortable and save a lot of money.

2. Draft Excluders

These excluders will be able to help the home stay warm. A draft in the home can waste up to 30 percent of the energy consumption that the home is used. You can purchase a draft excluder or make one. A rolled up towel can be placed against the bottom of the door and this will work well.

3. Storm Door and Windows

While it make time some time for you to install these storm doors and windows it will be worth it. You can make your home up to 45 percent more energy efficient.

4. Check for Gaps

Even the smallest gap or opening that is found around the door frame, the windows, and other joints can allow hot air to escape out of the home. Be sure that all windows including the window frames are properly sealed. Weather stripping can help fill the gaps. If there is damage around the frames you may need to caulk it.

Be sure to check the entry points where wires and pipes enter or exit your home. Check the chimney and the corners of the home as well. To find the areas where your home is losing heat light a stick of incense. Move this stick along the doors and the windows where you think there is a gap. If the smoke begins to wave you have found where the gap is.

5. Add Insulation

One of the best ways to winterize your home is to make sure you have enough insulation. Add the insulation between the walls and gaps around the windows. Even adding insulation to the open space in the attic can help keep in the home.

6. Insulate the Pipes

When winterizing the home it is important to make sure the pipes stay warm as well. Energy and heat from the home can get out through the hot water pipes. This will also make the water heater work harder. If the pipes are cold the water heater will need to use more energy in order to get the water up to temperature. To insulate the pipes you can get a precut foam fitting and install it directly on the pipes.

7. Maintain the Heating System

Many people forget that they need to keep their heating system clean. The furnace filter should be changed once every three months. Radiators, baseboard heaters, and vents should be cleaned often to remove dust and other buildup. If the heating system is dirty it will need to work harder to provide heat and this will use more energy.

8. Monitor Energy Usage

A smart meter or even an app on your smartphone can be used to tell you how much energy your home is using and the peak times for this energy consumption. You can also see where you are using the most energy. This information is provided in real time. You can even get weekly and monthly reports on your energy usage. This will allow you to see where most of your energy consumption is and take measures to conserve energy. You can also look for areas of energy waste.

9. Dress for the Season

During the winter months you should not be walking around your home in shorts and a sleeveless shirt. This will require that you raise the temperature in the room. Find a comfortable sweater and a nice blanket to use while at home. You can still be warm and not have to turn the heat up as high.

10. Get a Chimney Balloon

If you have an old chimney and are not using it hot air is escaping from the home. A chimney balloon will keep the air in and allow you to use less energy.

These tips will help you save energy during the winter months. You checkbook and the environment will thank you for following these tips.